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    Based in Greenbush, Minnesota, Altoz puts over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise into all Altoz products, proudly building the next generation of precision mowers, right here in the USA.

    Altoz zero-turn mowers are an evolution – a vision of what we believe mowers should be. Cutting-edge design that delivers premium performance with exceptional comfort, reliability and ease of use. Everything Altoz does is a commitment to realizing that vision.

    To deliver an evolutionary mower, every component needs to perform flawlessly and exceed expectations. It’s not just another run-of-the-mill mower. Nothing less than superior quality will do.

  • Client Testimonials

    "Our company has been customers of Turf Equipment since June of 2001. We have purchased many pieces of equipment in that time, and have been very satisfied with the quality of customer service. The line of equipment offered here is top notch, and I have personally referred customers to this business. Thank you Turf Equipment for helping make John’s Lawn & Landscape a successful grounds maintenance company."

    - John Vella